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6 Things to look for in Trailer Steps for Boats

Boat trailer steps make it easy to get in and out of your boat, that is obvious. If you struggle getting in and out of your boat, trailer steps for boats are an addition that will make your boat much safer.

trailer steps for boats

If you are considering purchasing trailer steps for your boat, there are a few important things you should consider. There are options to choose from when looking online. When you are looking for the best boat trailer steps, make sure the steps you choose meet these standards.

1. Are the boat trailer steps made of all steel?

We have seen trailer steps for boats manufactured from low quality steel and aluminum. Using lower quality metals will make your new boat steps susceptible to bending and possibly even failing under stress, like your 350 pound cousin Billy. Make sure you know the recommended weight limit for the steps before you purchase them and that the limit will meet your needs.

2. Is the primer/paint corrosion resistant?

Obviously, if the paint is not resistant to rusting / corrosion, you are asking for trouble. At BoatEFX we use a 2 part powder paint finish, every step has a base coat of a highly corrosion resistant Zinc primer and then a heavy finish coat of black texture powder coating. Quality paint work should keep your boat trailer steps in good shape for the life of your trailer.

3. Glow in the dark step indicators, abrasive step and accents.

Some boat trailer step manufacturers do not include glow in the dark step indicators. Think about how often you are boarding and exiting your boat in low light. Step indicators will help you see where you are stepping while entering and exiting the boat. It's hard to step on what you cannot see.

Also, the step should have an abrasive surface, so if the sole of your shoes is bald you will not slip while getting in and out of the boat.

glow in the dark indicators trailer steps for boats

From an aesthetic perspective it's a nice feature if the steps have highlight colors that match your boat. Some manufacturers include accent colors at no additional cost.

color accents trailer steps for boats

4. Will you be able to install the boat steps by yourself?

Here are a few good questions to ask:

  • How easy are the boat steps to install?
  • Are there instructions?
  • Do the steps come in multiple pieces?
  • How many bolts are included with the steps?
  • Do the steps require 2 or more people to attach to your trailer?


5. Does the handle make it easier for you to get in the boat?

The best step handles have grips that are easier to hold onto while you are entering/exiting the boat. Look for boat trailer steps that have the option of an angled handle. Angled handles will get you closer to the boat while still holding on to the handle for added peace of mind and safety.

handle extension trailer steps for boats


6. Are the boat trailer steps made in the USA?

To us this is obvious. We believe the best quality goods are made in the USA. It's easy to save a few bucks and buy a more cheaply assembled boat step, made with lower quality metals, and assembled by lower wage workers. Consider keeping the money you spend on your boat steps in the US of A. Most likely you will not be disappointed. And if there is a problem, we are guessing it will be easier to solve the issue if the company is based in the United States, compared to a boat step manufactured thousands of miles away overseas.

When you are considering your boat trailer step purchase, review how the steps stack up against the points above. Trailer steps for boats are a relatively recent innovation that will make getting in and out of your boat easier and safer. At BoatEFX, our steps exceed the requirements mentioned above. If you are in the market check out our full line of trailer steps for boats by BoatEFX here.