At BoatEFX we want to ensure customer satisfaction and understand the impersonal interface that placing an order online has. BoatEFX customers are our first priority, without you BoatEFX would have no reason to exist. Rest assured we have your best interest in mind, when you place an order if an issue arises we will absolutely take care of it!

Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers:

  • Q: Is there any drilling required?
  • A: No drilling or permanent modification to your trailer is necessary!

  • Q:  Is assembly difficult?
  • A: Not at all, assembling the steps is quite simple and only takes a few minutes for most customers.

  • Q: Will the steps fit in my garage?
  • A: Depends, we offer 2 different handle lengths for the steps and most customers do not have any issues with garage door clearance. 


  • Q: What If I order steps and I have a fitment issue?
  • A: Don't worry, BoatEFX will make it right! Customers are our number one priority and we promise you'll love your steps.